How To Highlight Event Categories By Color

We created a bonus tutorial showing you how to highlight events in any event category in the Events Feed, Events Carousel, and Events Calendar modules. This page shows demos of what is possible with the plugin and tutorial.

Events Feed Highlighted Categories

In these examples, the events in the Virtual Events category have blue background with lighter text, and events in the Races catagory have a dark background and light text. You can adjust every item including the title, event details, excerpt, and button with the code in the tutorial.

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Events Calendar Highlighted Categories

In this example, the events in the Outdoor Events category are green, and the events in the Virual Events Category are red. You can change the background color, border, and text with the tutorial.

NOTE: This module is best used on Desktop views. You can choose to disable this for smaller devices in the advanced tab Visibility settings.