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All Event Pages Are Showing The Same Event

If you are seeing the same event details on all single event pages, this is not related to our module. It means you have changed a setting in The Events Calendar.

I get this question at least once a week. When creating a Theme Builder template, and optionally adding our Events Page module, users report that the events are all showing the same event or that the post title is not showing. This is not our problem, actually. This is 100% related to how The Events Calendar works.

Please Make Sure You Are Using The Correct Setting!

When using The Events Calendar with Divi, you need to have the single event pages set to the correct template. By default when you install The Events Calendar, it is correct, so I am honestly not sure how/why so many people have changed this setting. You can double-check this setting by going to Events>Settings>Display>Events template. Make sure the dropdown is set to “Default Events Template.”

Events page template setting

Any other option will not work and is not correct. Please make sure to check this setting before contacting us. So far, this has been the solution every time someone has asked about anything related to the single event page display.

Events Taking Long To Load In Events Calendar Module

screenshot divieventscalendar.com 2020.11.11 17_56_24

Explanation Of Missing Post Content Module

screenshot divieventscalendar.com 2020.11.11 17_56_24

More Info Button Position

Icons Not Showing

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