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This is an example event to showcase the settings and features of the Divi Events Calendar plugin by Pee-Aye Creative. At the core of these events is the popular The Events Calendar from the WordPress repository. Our Divi modules allow you to display and style events from their plugin in any Divi layout, giving you a familiar Divi interface and all the design settings you love with the Divi Builder.

Our plugin offers many different Divi modules, layouts, calendars, carousels, and more. The modules work perfectly with the Divi Theme Builder, allowing you to build dynamic category pages, single event pages, and a search results page. There are lots of possibilities with this plugin, and more to come!

To get started and become familiar with our plugin, we strongly encourage you to view the documentation found on the Pee-Aye Creative website. We have provided instructions and guides for everything you need to know to use our Divi modules to create beautiful events on your Divi website.

We are excited that thousands of users are choosing the Divi Events Calendar for their websites! We love the Divi community! We continue to add more and more modules, settings, and features to the plugin, so be sure to check out our plugin roadmap as well.

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