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Divi Events Calendar Modules Plugin by Pee Aye Creative 2.2

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The Events Calendar (Free Version) + Divi

The creation of our Divi Events Calendar modules began for us when we tried to use the free and very popular The Events Calendar plugin with our favorite theme and builder. To put it bluntly it was impossible. Literally. That’s where it all began, stuck. So, like anything else we face in Divi, we took matters into our own hands and created a module to display a list of events. Our vision was to create something simple, like the Divi Blog module, but for events from The Events Calendar. And it simply took off! We had hundreds of feature requests, and we are proud to say we have implemented all of them. We now have many modules with full control over single event pages. Everything in the free version of The Events Calendar can be displayed in our custom Divi modules.

Beyond Free Version Into Pro + Addons

As you can imagine, we get tons of feature requests. As time went on, we started getting more and more requests for compatibility with the “pro” version of The Events Calendar as well as some of their popular addons like Events Tickets Plus and Filter Bar.

Disclosure: The links to The Events Calendar are “affiliate links” which means if you click on the links and purchase anything, we will receive a commission.

Recurring Events Support In PRO Version

In Divi Events Calendar update version 2.1 released April 30, 2021, we introduced support for the highly requested Recurring Events in both our Events Feed and Events Calendar modules. These can be included in the feed or calendar with a  simple toggle switch in our modules. Keep in mind, Recurring Events are only part of The Events Calendar Pro. In version 2.4 we introduced a setting to choose the number of recurring events to show at one time within a series.

Tickets & RSVP Module

In version 2.1 released April 30, 2021, we also introduced a very basic Events Ticket module. At this time, it is in BETA and only meant for showing the output of the free Event Ticket plugin by The Events Calendar. Notice again that this is for their free version. Please check their plugin listing for features. Anything related to the tickets and RSVP are NOT related to us, so at this time any questions will be directed to them. However, we are currently working on a major update to this module and hope to release it in early 2022.

Events Search & Filter Bar

In Divi Events Calendar update version 2.2 released November 12, 2021, we introduced a brand new Events Filter module. This module is phenomenal, and much better than the Filter Bar from The Events Calendar because you have tons of Divi settings. At this time, this module connects with the Events Feed module, but we hope to also link this to the Events Calendar module in the future.

Organizer & Venue Dynamic Events + Pages + Links

In Divi Events Calendar update version 2.3 released March 3, 2022, we introduced more integration with The Events Calendar Pro. In their pro version, you can have Organizer and Venue pages to show relevant events, and they also have Divi Theme Builder templates. So now in version 2.3 our Events Feed and Events Calendar modules work with the Dynamic Events setting on the Organizer and Venue pages. We also added the ability to make the venues and organizers names links so that they go directly to their respective pages.

Virtual Events

In Divi Events Calendar update version 2.4 released August 10, 2022, we introduced support for the Virtual Events addon by The Events Calendar. This includes settings to show or hide virtual and hybrid events in the Events Feed, Events Calendar, Events Filter, and also most importantly for displaying the virtual event information and videos in the Events Page module on the single event pages.

What About Something Not Mentioned?

If The Events Calendar offers some addon or feature that is not mentioned here or in our product description and module settings lists in the documentation, consider it not included. But we are open to hearing from you. If you need something added to one of our modules, or an idea for a new event module, let us know! We are continuing to expand and grow the plugin. You can check our changelog and roadmap at any time and follow our blog for updates.

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