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Events Calendar Module Content Settings

In this video I’m going to talk about the many content settings and features available in the Events Calendar module. Be sure to reference the Events Calendar Module Settings List which includes a summary of every setting that is available and what it does. You should also check out the Events Calendar Module Demos to see how the module works and get some inspiration.You can see all the Content Settings by going to the Events Calendar Settings > Content Tab.

We made it a goal to provide every setting we could think of for you to easily customize the Events Calendar. The settings include dynamically showing the events, filtering the event feeds based on categories, featured or recurring events, order the same day events, and in this guide, you will learn all these settings in detail.

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Dynamic Events

This is the first option that you will see in the content settings under the Content Tab in the Events Calendar Settings. This option provides you the ability to show the events on the calendar dynamically for a generic template in the Theme Builder so you don’t have to manually create different pages and then show different events on Event Calendar Modules for variable results. If you enable this option then you will not able to see the Included Categories Option.

Included Categories

Under the Included Categories setting you will see all the names of the event categories that you have added to your site. By default, none of the categories are selected which actually means that all of the events will be shown without regard to category. When you select one or more event categories, then only those events in one of the selected categories with the tick mark will be shown in the feed.

Only Show Featured Events

This option is created to show events that are marked as featured, which you can do when editing single events pages. If you enable this setting then you will only see all the featured events in the feed. This is turned off by default.

Same Day Event Order

This is the fourth option that you will see under the content settings. This option allows you to change the placement of the events coming on the same day and are present in the same date block with the help of four sub-options provided.

Start Time

This option will place that event at the top which is starting first and then the event which is starting just after first and so on.


This option will place that event at the top which has the longest duration and then the event whose duration is lower than the first and so on.

All Day

This option will place the all day event at the top.


This option will sort the event order alphabetically based on the event title.

Only Show Recurring Events

This option is only relevant if you are using The Events Calendar Pro. It allows you show all of the Recurring Events in the feed. This is turned on by default. If you disable this setting then it will only show the other regular events.

Last updated Feb 22, 2022 @ 1:09 PM

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