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Events Feed Module Troubleshooting & FAQs


If you are facing an issue with the Events Feed module, please check the troubleshooting steps listed below. If the situation you are facing is not listed here, please also check the main plugin troubleshooting page for more suggestions and steps to take next.

Icons Not Showing In Details

If the icons are not showing in the event details, it is caused by an issue with Divi. To resolve it, please go to the Divi>Theme Options>General>Performance tab and disable the Dynamic Icons setting.

More Info Button Position Issue

We head of a rare issue with the More Info button position having too much space above it. The issue is caused by the Smush optimization plugin. If you have the Smush plugin installed, please disable their lazy loading feature.

The organizer checkboxes change selection when I add a new organizer.

If you are displaying events by organizer by selecting the checkboxes for each organizer, you may encounter a very unfortunate issue in Divi. To be clear, this is not a bug in our module, but rather a limitation in the core Divi integration with WordPress which we subsequently affected by. This issue will only happen if you are adding new organizers, and only when their placement in the list in alphabetical order is before the already selected organizers. It is a bit confusing, but basically when a new organizer is added, it bumps all the checkboxes down one item. In this situation, you will need to remember to update the checkbox selections each time a new organizer is added.


If you have questions not covered in the other guides and videos in our documentation, please check the frequently asked questions below. As we notice customers facing the same questions, we will update these FAQs with answers for your convenience. You can also check the main plugin FAQs page for more answers to common questions.

How does the date and time format work?

Our modules automatically use the same event date and time formats as set in your WordPress General settings. You can choose to override those in The Events Calendar settings as well, and our will reflect it. Even further, our modules all have date format and time format settings as well, giving you very granular control over the display.

To learn more about date and time formats, I highly recommend reading this article from Elegant Themes.

Note that the start and end time in our module works the same as in The Events Calendar. If you only want to show the start time, then set the same date/time for both start time and end time in the event settings.

Note that you should double-check the date and time format settings in WordPress>Settings>General and the “End of day cutoff” time in The Events Calendar settings. If the end of day cutoff is set wrong, dates will sometimes be off a day, depending on their start and end times.

Last updated Apr 30, 2024 @ 5:42 PM

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